Product: Interior Air Conditioner Cover

Catalog Number: TD-ACC

Through-the-wall Air Conditioner units are essentially gaps in a building's insulating envelope that cause dramatic heat and energy loss from air leakage during the colder seasons. An A/C unit may provide less than R-1 insulating value if left in place with no insulation during the winter months.

Existing methods for addressing the heat loss through these units can be awkward and inconvenient.

Exterior covers can be dangerous to install on multi-level applications, and these covers are difficult to anchor in place. Exterior covers also have the potential to trap moisture in the A/C unit, leading to mechanical issues with and shortened lifespan of the A/C unit.

Removing the unit for the winter allows insulation to be inserted into the gap, but it requires a lot of extra lifting and storage space. It also requires purchasing fresh insulation each year to insert into the A/C sleeve, and finding some way to cover the hole in the wall once the insulation has been inserted. And then there is the potential mess involved with moving the A/C unit and the insulation through the living area of the home.

Existing interior cover options available on the market may help to block air transfer through the A/C unit, but don't block any air leaking around the unit. These covers also offer no insulation value.

A THERMA-DOME Interior Air Conditioner Cover provides:

  • An immediate cost savings through preventing energy loss to the outside
    (keeps heat and conditioned air inside, where it belongs!)
  • Increased R-value at the A/C unit, matching the R-value of surrounding wallspace
  • An attractive sealed cover for increased comfort in the living area of the home
  • A seal that will block cold air-flow and eliminate drafts in the living space
    (blocks air transfer through both the A/C unit and the area surrounding the unit)
  • Convenience and safety of interior installation


SAVE on Installation:

Exterior covers on multilevel units are laborious and costly to install and remove. Therma-Dome A/C Covers attach on the interior.

SAVE on Mechanical Wear:

Unlike exterior covers, which can actually accelerate wear on the mechanical parts of the A/C unit by creating an environment that is conducive to condensation build-up, interior covers can help to prevent condensation inside the A/C unit by preventing the transfer of warm, moist air from the interior space. Preventing the condensation will ensure no water drainage to the interior of the home, and will not contribute to rusting in the mechanical elements of the unit.

SAVE on Heating Costs:

The Return on Investment for a quality Interior A/C Cover averages one heating season. This cover helps to minimize the penetration of colder (unconditioned) air due to the stack effect, by completely sealing a major "hole" in the insulation envelope. This reduces the energy costs associated with heating (conditioning) the air to maintain a comfortable temperature in the living space.

Our Therma-Dome Interior AC Cover is a durable, quality constructed product with an attractive appearance that will last for years to come.

  • Air tight design to seal cold air out (blocks air transfer through the A/C unit as well as through the area surrounding the unit).
  • Resilient compressible air-sealing Q-Lon®* gasket forms to the wall surface to provide positive air seal.
  • Constructed using rigid Polyiso insulation to provide an effective thermal barrier in addition to the air seal benefit of the cover.
  • Durable fire-rated materials are used in manufacture of each cover.
  • Each order is custom built to unit dimensions and comes fully assembled from our production facility.
  • Designed with a textured matte white cover (some customization is available for large orders). With proper surface preparation, the cover can be painted to match the décor of your room.
  • Easy to install, with step-by-step instructions and all necessary hardware included for installation.

At this time, Therma-Dome A/C covers are not being manufactured for stock.
Each cover is produced on a custom-order basis, with a minimum quantity required for purchase.

If you are a distributor that is interested in offering A/C Covers, please contact Yankee to discuss the opportunity.
If you are interested in having covers custom-manufactured to your specifications, contact us with detailed
application information (such as the size of A/C units to be covered, and the number of covers required)

* Q-Lon is a registered trademark of Schlegel Systems, Inc.