Product: Maximize-R

Catalog Number: TD-MAX

Note: The Maximize-R product was designed as a simple solution to achieve R-40+ insulation value over the existing Therma-Dome and Insul-Dome style of covers. With the introduction of the R-40 "Versa-Dome", this product is no longer required for code-compliance and is being phased out. It is still available from a few distributors. Contact us for nearest availability.

You can quickly and easily increase the overall R-value of the Therma-Dome cover to R-40 or greater using the patented Maximize-R add-on component! Whether you just want additional R-value, or are looking to ensure compliance with more stringent weatherization building codes (including IECC 2012 Sec R402.2.4 and IRC N1102.2.4), the Maximize-R component will do the job!

The Maximize-R component is custom-fit to the Therma-Dome cover. Simply place it over the assembled Therma-Dome kit and fill it with your choice of insulation (sold separately). The preferred insulating material for this application is R-30 or R-38 unfaced fiberglass batt, but other materials can be accommodated.

Using the Maximize-R, you can add insulation to the TOP and ALL FOUR SIDES of the Therma-Dome cover. The insulation will be neatly contained, maintaining a consistent and full depth of material with no "weak spots" in coverage. For those applications where you do not need (or space will not allow) the full depth of insulation on all sides, just add what is needed for that application.