Product: Recessed Fixture Cover

Catalog Number: TD-RFC

Recessed light fixtures are a popular home lighting option, but if used in a ceiling that is part of the building's thermal envelope, those fixtures can compromise the effectiveness of the home's insulation. The heat generated by the lamp exacerbates the stack effect, causing heat to escape from the living area of the home at an even more rapid rate than the heat loss would be through the hole in the insulation by itself.

We have developed two versions of our fire-rated insulating air sealing covers for recessed light fixtures that penetrate the building envelope. These covers act as insulation dams, keeping the blanket of attic insulation from coming in contact with the fixture. The major advantage that our covers have over other covers currently offered on the market is the insulating value: the R-10 insulating factor of the Therma-Dome cover makes up for the "pocket" created in the insulation blanket in order to maintain adequate clearance around the fixture.

The newest design of the covers (not shown here) complies with NREL SWS 4.1001.1.

Please note: Recessed Fixture Covers are not currently stocked by any distributor. If you are a distributor that is interested in stocking any version of our TD-RFC, please contact us regarding the opportunity. If you are interested in having covers manufactured for your own use (quantity orders only), please contact us and be sure to specify any details in the message.