Versa-Dome Pull-Down Attic Stair Cover

“Versa-Dome” Pull-Down Attic Stair Cover

Each Kit Includes

  • Foil-Faced Fire-Rated Foam Panels
  • Integrated gasket and straps
  • Construction Adhesive
  • Foil Tape
  • Nail-in Anchors
  • Step-by-Step Instruction Sheet

Made in USA


Based on feedback from home weatherization contractors and installers across the country, the Therma-Dome introduced an enhanced Pull-Down Attic Stair Cover design to make code-compliant installations as fast and convenient as possible.

The Versa-Dome Pull-Down Attic Stair Cover integrates all of the best features that have made the Therma-Dome Pull-Down Attic Stair Cover an industry standard over the past three decades, and introduces some new features in addition to installation flexibility.

With the new patent-pending Versa-Dome design, you get

  • Everything is included in the kit to install the cover into one of multiple configurations
  • Lightweight insulation panel components are cut to fit precisely together on-site
  • Flooring material is included to use as a base surrounding the stair opening for installation on an open attic floor
  • Adhesive and foil tape to bond and seal all joints
  • Nail-in anchors for use in the lift-off configuration
Time and Labor Savings

Since everything is in the box to construct a one-size-fits-all stair cover, you eliminate the time needed to gather material, measure and cut to fit.

Material savings

We use the best quality materials that the industry has to offer, and these are materials that are not readily or economically available to the general market. Also, one of the installation configurations eliminates the need for an insulation dam to be constructed if being used in an attic where loose-fill insulation will be placed.

Code Compliance

The Versa-Dome meets all code requirements

  • Specified Attic Floor R-Value with no weak spots
  • Air seal with a durable gasket
  • Rigid construction
  • Fire Rated material
  • VOC-compliant adhesive and industry-proven foil tape used for assembly

Product Specifications

Insulation Value


Inside Dimensions

26¾” Wide x 56″ Long x 11¾” High

Outside Dimensions

32″ Wide x 62″ Long x 17¾” High


25 lbs.

Carton Weight

40 lbs.

Tools Required

Hammer, Caulk Gun, Knife or Scissors