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Go Green and Save Green!

Therma-Dome products help to reduce our impact on the environment by decreasing the amount of energy required to maintain comfort in our homes. This is good stewardship.

Reduce economical impact at the same time that you reduce your environmental impact with Therma-Dome products. Our homes will be more comfortable, and our wallets will be happy because our utility bills will decrease!

Air Infiltration points

Therma-Dome has solutions for these common areas

Pull-Down Attic Stairs

Whole-House Attic Fans

Recessed Lamp and Fans

Through-Wall Air Conditioners

Exterior Entry Doors

Why Therma-Dome Products?

Therma-Dome products seal some major gaps in your home’s thermal barrier to help keep the conditioned air where it belongs all year. Your comfort will increase and your energy consumption will decrease when the conditioned air is contained.

A brief overview of the “Stack Effect”

In cold weather, your energy dollars go to heat the living space of your home, yet gaps in the thermal barrier between your home and your attic can allow that heated air to escape. This air movement can contribute to damaging conditions such as condensation buildup and mold growth in your attic as the warm, conditioned escaping air contacts the cooler, unconditioned air and surfaces in the attic. In freezing weather, the escaping warm air can also cause the formation of ice dams on your roof.

Besides the potential damage that can occur in the attic space by the escape of heated air, there is a major comfort and efficiency matter that becomes noticeable below, in the living area. As the heated air rises, it pulls unconditioned (cold) outside air into the living space through lower gaps in the thermal barrier, such as through the basement or wall cavities.

This unconditioned air that has infiltrated your home requires energy to bring up to a comfortable temperature in your living area.

In warmer months, the “stack effect” is reversed, and hot air from the attic forces its way down through gaps in your thermal barrier, pushing your cooler (conditioned) air out.

Insulation, by itself, does not constitute an effective thermal barrier. The boundary between the conditioned living space and any unconditioned space must also be sealed to prevent airflow.

Therma-Dome products are designed to close gaps in that thermal barrier, not just insulating these voids in your home’s insulation envelope, but sealing them.

Built with Convenience in MindTherma-Dome Stair Cover components

 All Therma-Dome products are built with installer convenience in mind. All materials that will be required to complete the job are included in each kit. Only basic tools are required.

Whether you are a homeowner embarking on a one-time Do-It-Yourself project or a weatherization contractor that is looking for a way to save time on dozens of installations each week, Therma-Dome can save you time, money, and effort!

All of our insulating products are proudly Made in the USA using US-Made components

Made in USA

Therma-Dome is a US Veteran-owned business

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