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Closing Stairs

Which Therma-Dome Product is right for you?

Therma-Dome has several products for unique air-sealing requirements. Use this guide to determine which Therma-Dome product is the best fit for your application.

Therma-Dome Product Selection Guide


Installation & Use Tips

 Get the best results from your Therma-Dome product by following these suggestions during the construction and installation of your product.

Installation and Usage Tips

Educational Resources

Saving money is not the best reason to spend money!

Learn why addressing your home’s air sealing needs should be motivated primarily by a desire for comfort within your home. A healthier home and energy savings will result as a byproduct of proper measures taken to increase home comfort.

Home Comfort 101 PDF Download

        Home Comfort 101 Video       

Home Comfort 101 is an educational resource provided by Nate Adams, owner of Energy Smart Ohio.