Solutions for Sealing Your Home

Between your home’s living space and the unconditioned space of the attic, there are several often-overlooked “holes” that can be costing you comfort and energy. Our most common product solutions are listed on this page.

Which Therma-Dome® Product is right for me?

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Choosing the Right Therma-Dome Product





Versa-Dome™ Pull-Down Attic Stair Cover

Our patented Versa-Dome cover offers installation flexibility and convenience

This cover was designed to meet the latest building energy code requirements, specifically to save time for contractors and agencies that do weatherization work. It can install as a lift-off cover or as an insulation dam with a removable lid. Either configuration can be installed from the same kit.

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Pull-Down Attic Stair Cover

Pull-Down Attic Stair Cover

Block drafts and add insulation over your pull-down attic access stairs

Since its introduction almost 30 years ago, the Therma-Dome Pull-Down Attic Stair Cover has become a favorite item for weatherization contractors for agency and private work. The R-13 cover can be assembled and installed in as little as 15 minutes and makes a noticeable difference in home comfort.

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R-40 Fan Cover

Whole-House Attic Fan Cover

Seasonal or permanent cover for your Whole-House Attic Fan

The Whole-House Fan Cover insulates and seals the opening over the fan housing during times when the fan is not in use. This cover can be used seasonally to block the escape of heat in the winter, or it can be used to permanently seal over an attic fan that is no longer being used.

There are a limited number of R-40 Whole-House Fan Covers available in certain regions. Otherwise, the Whole-House Fan Cover is a custom-order item.

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Through-Wall Air Conditioner Cover

Through-Wall Air Conditioner Cover

Cover your through-wall air conditioner during the seasons when the unit is not being used

When you are not using your air conditioner to cool your living space, it can negatively effect the comfort in your home. With no insulating value on its own, a through-wall air conditioner is a source of tremendous heat loss and drafts.

The Through-Wall Air Conditioner Cover is a custom-order item.

Recessed Fixture Cover

Recessed Can Light Fixture Cover

Seal recessed can lights and fans to prevent air infiltration around these common fixtures

Can lights and other recessed fixtures can act like chimneys that accelerate heat loss into your attic. These covers can insulate and seal around those fixtures. A vented version of the cover is available for non-IC rated fixtures.

Recessed Fixture Covers are custom-order items.

Door Weatherstrip Kit

Door Weatherstrip Kit

Add or replace door weatherstrip gasket to your exterior entry doors

Therma-Dome products are generally designed to prevent the escape of conditioned air into the attic, but with our Door Weatherstrip Kits, you can also prevent some unconditioned air from entering your living space. These kits can fit doors up to 36″ wide and 84″ high. The kits can be tacked on top of or in place of an existing door stop.