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Therma-Dome products are sold through approved distributor channels. If you are interested in purchasing a Therma-Dome product, you may contact us through the form below to find your nearest approved distributor(s).

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The One and Only

Therma-Dome® has become a benchmark in the insulating and weatherization industry over the 25 years since the Pull-Down Attic Stair Cover has been introduced. We recognize that, in some areas, "Therma-Dome" and "T-Dome" have turned into a generic reference to attic staircase insulating covers, including many products that do not perform to the level that we have designed our products to perform. We use top-quality brand-name components in the construction of our products. It is our desire to keep the Therma-Dome brand synonymous with the quality that we strive for, so please be sure to ask your insulation contractor or distributor for the original Therma-Dome brand insulating covers by Yankee Insulation Products. Therma-Dome products are available through various insulation and weatherization products distributors nationwide.

Become a Distributor

If you are an insulation, weatherization, or building materials distributor and would be interested in joining the expanding network of distributors that are carrying Therma-Dome products, please contact Yankee Insulation Products by clicking here for more information about partnering with us to distribute Therma-Dome products.

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If you are unsure about which Therma-Dome product is right for your application, click here to visit our selection guide for more information about determining the best cover for your home.